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SyncTest: New replication mode

5 March, 2014

Previously developed replication modes provide users with extensive abilities for replicating almost all actions along client environments. Nevertheless, latest SyncTest build was equipped with a new UI interactions transmitting mode. This means that users can target almost 100% of successfully completed replications despite control position, size or localized caption. This new method is based on SyncTest’s ability to identify UI controls of the tested application and duplicate control ...

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Parallel Testing in Action:

10 June, 2014

At our Company we tried out an alternative approach to testing localized software product versions, called Parallel Testing.


This time we tried parallel testing approach for game localization testing. It is a very simple online game, called "Cut the Rope" which is localized into English, German and French. The results were impressive! The main ch...

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SyncQA YouTube Channel, now available

20 February, 2014

We are happy to announce that the SyncTest YouTube Channel is now open for everyone. View channel. The main focus of this channel is to provide educational materials regarding our products and to post promotional materials, as well as other videos related to SyncQA Company. For now, there are 3 new SyncTest Tutorials which cover the Client Deployment Category of Sync Test Educational.

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